Promotion of the eco-efficient non-conventional technologies for the useful metals recovery from industrial waste by the achievement of partnerships with economic agents for knowledge transfer – acronym TRANSECOTEH

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POC-A.1-A1.2.3-G-2015 / ID: P_40_397 / Contract 17 / 01.09.2016, 2016 – 2019

Goal: reducing the impact of polluting activities on human health and environment, by increasing the recovery potential of non-ferrous, precious and critical metals contained in waste and their reintroduction into the economic circuit

General objective: promoting an eco-efficient technology for the recovery of industrial waste containing non-ferrous metals by transferring it to economic agents, in order to obtain value-added products through innovative technologies with significant impact on reducing environmental pollution and complying with legislative requirements.

Specific objectives:

  1. The formation and consolidation of the partnership between IMNR and economic agents interested in developing common applied research in the field of advanced technologies, with applications in environmental greening;
  2. The manufacturing of an industrial waste recovery installation for non-ferrous metals, to recover useful, precious and critical metals through innovative technologies in ecological conditions and maximum efficiency, with major socio-economic impact;
  3. The development of research infrastructure;
  4. The increasement of the innovation and technological development of the companies involved in the project;
  5. The increasement of the companies competitiveness by approaching innovative waste processing technologies on a less developed market in Romania;
  6. The increasement of the knowledge level of the personnel from the enterprises involved in the project, in the field of ecological processing of industrial metallic waste through the abilities and competencies transfer from IMNR;
  7. Developement of the technological transfer capacity of IMNR by cooperating with economic agents and establishing long-term partnerships with them;
  8. Increasing the visibility of IMNR by disseminating research results.


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