Integrated eco-technology for a selective recovery of base and precious metals in Cu and Pb mining by-products – acronym MINTECO

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PN III 3.2 Horizon 2020 ERA-MIN2, contract 51/2018

The MINTECO project aims to develop an integrated innovative, efficient and ecological technology for the recovery of base (Cu, Pb, Zn) and precious (Au, Ag) metals from Cu and Pb bearing mining waste (CLBM).

The project allow the establishing of a global management methodology to treat historical mining sites and to reduce disposed volumes of metal-bearing waste. The MINTECO project will be tested on a selected case study on CLMB (3 mining sites identified in Romania, Poland and Turkey) by using pre-concentration methods (mineral processing) to separate non-useful compounds contained in the coarse fractions followed by leaching of concentrated fractions to dissolve all targeted metals and their recovery by innovative techniques (using dedicated synthesized organic molecules, thiosulfates and ionic liquids).

The consortium gathers 8 partners from 4 countries (France, Romania, Poland and Turkey) and is composed of 3 research institutes, 1 university, 1 public institution and 3 SMEs with complementary expertise.

The project website is here


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