Individual and collective protection systems for the military field based on high entropy alloys – acronym HEAPROTECT

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The HEAPROTECT project aims to increase the research and technology transfer performance of research and development organisations, in the field of obtaining performing equipment from new and advanced materials, for the protection of military systems. The project addresses a key national security issue: modern and performing infrastructure.

The agenda comprises four sub-projects:

Project 1 – Study of devices for the transport, storage, handling and use of liquid and gaseous fuels – COMBPROT. P1 project has as main objective the realising of a device to decrease risks on transport, storage, handling and usage of liquid and gaseous fuels, by using new materials based on high entropy alloys.

Project 2 – Collective protection systems made of high entropy alloys in the AlCrFeMnNi system microlized with Ti, Zr, Hf, Y – HEAPROT. P2 project has as objective the realising of individual and collective protection systems in the military field (multi – metal panels, armor, ballistic packages), using high entropy alloys microalloyed with Ti, Zr, Hf, Y, specific to the AlCrFeMnNi multi – element system.

Project 3 – Modern technologies of non-demountable assembly of components of individual or collective protection systems – MILSUD. P3 project has as objective the projection of advanced technologies for the non-demountable assembly of the components of the military systems for dynamic impact and explosion protection.

Project 4 – High kinetic energy penetrator made of high entropy alloys of high density chemical elements – HEAPENET. P4 project has an objective the realising and characterisation of high entropy alloys of high density chemical elements for their use as drilling cores for small caliber ammunition.

The project web site is here


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