High Entropy Alloys with predictable mechanical properties by computational modelling – acronym HEAMODELL

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PN III 3.2 Orizont 2020 M-ERA.NET, contract 75/14.06.2017

The project goal is the development of multi-scale computational tools for the design of high entropy alloys (HEA) with predictable properties for application in jet turbine engines. The project encompasses an integrated computational approach to deliver a rational path towards composition, structure and properties for HEAs. The project will develop software to select best available alloy compositions for specific applications and will lead to a shortened time-to-market for materials with advanced properties. The new software developed in the project will provide solutions for replacement of conventional superalloys in jet engine turbines, thus addressing main issues such as: maximize the efficiency by increasing operating temperature, lower the polluting emissions and lower the fabrication costs of future jet engines.

Major scientific and technological objectives of the project
1. Establishing of thermodynamic and kinetic criteria for HEA with required properties;
2. Creation of multi-scale models for the selection of HEAs compositions;
3. Validation of the developed models at laboratory scale;
4. Model simulation at pilot scale;
5. Intellectual property rights protection.

The project web site is here


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