Emerging Technologies in Materials Engineering – EmergeMAT

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International Conference EmergeMAT


EmergeMAT  1st Edition   November 14th – 16th 2018, Bucharest, ROMANIA
EmergeMAT 2nd Edition   November 6th –  8th 2019, Bucharest, ROMANIA
EmergeMAT 3rd Edition   October 29th –  30th 2020, Bucharest, ROMANIA
EmergeMAT 4th Edition   November 4th – 5th 2021, Bucharest, ROMANIA
EmergeMAT 5th Edition   October 27th – 28th 2022, Bucharest, ROMANIA
EmergeMAT 6th Edition   November 9th – 10th 2023, Bucharest, ROMANIA
EmergeMAT 7th Edition   October 30th – 31th 2024, Bucharest, ROMANIA

The urgent need to address a number of sustainability challenges, especially climate change, creates opportunities for the development of new technologies that enable industry to reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and enable a circular economy. These ambitious targets require investment in advanced materials research and innovation. Integrating creativity into product design and development, an “innovative materials by design” approach, is an effective way to meet the growing consumer demand for innovative products that combine functionality with aesthetics and effective solutions throughout the life cycle of the materials.

The Emerging Technologies in Materials Engineering Conference – EmergeMAT aimed to bring together researchers, professors, engineers and specialists from industry, NGOs and government institutions to present the progress made in the knowledge of physical-chemical processes, their modelling and the results obtained by applying them in leading areas of science and engineering of metallic, composite and hybrid materials. The EmergeMAT conference, through the presentations and debates, aimed to contribute to the definition of innovative technical and material solutions in fields such as: energy storage and generation, advanced manufacturing, circular economy, which respond to major societal challenges (climate change, social inclusion, well-being, health, clean energy, digitization, technological changes), thus stimulating the generation of new ideas and successful collaborations. The conference also aimed to stimulate creativity and contribute to the career development of young researchers, by organizing a section of posters that are analysed by researchers from the country and abroad, the authors of the best presentations being awarded.

The abstracts of the papers presented at the conference will be published in the conference volume (ISSN 2602-0416) with the possibility of publication in special issues of the specialized journals with high-impact factor.


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