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6th Edition International Conference EmergeMAT


EmergeMAT  1st Edition,   November 14th – 16th 2018, Bucharest, ROMANIA
EmergeMAT 2nd Edition,   November 6th –  8th 2019, Bucharest, ROMANIA
EmergeMAT 3rd Edition,   October 29th –  30th 2020, Bucharest, ROMANIA
EmergeMAT 4th Edition,   November 14th – 16th 2021, Bucharest, ROMANIA
EmergeMAT 5th Edition,   October 27th – 28th 2022, Bucharest, ROMANIA

The Scientific Committee and the Organizing Committee cordially invite you to attend the 6th EmergeMAT Conference in the period 9-10 November 2023.

The 6th EmergeMAT Conference will be organized in hybrid format and will focus on bringing together students, scientists, engineers, industry representatives and other stakeholders interested in developing new methods, concepts and materials using new and emerging technologies, as well as materials modelling.

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    • Materials for improved metal ion batteries: advanced materials for metal ion-based batteries, electrochemical methods and new characterisation methods;
    • Materials for solid oxide fuel cells, methods for synthesis, sintering and characterization;
    • New piezoelectric and thermoelectric materials for energy harvesting;
    • Novel materials for thermal energy storage.
    • New materials and processes for sustainable replacement of critical raw materials for extreme conditions;
    • Additive manufacturing of novel metallic, ceramic, composite and hybrid materials for energy and biomedical applications;
    • Circularity of advanced materials, new processes for their re-use and re-design.
    • Materials for industrial waste water purification;
    • Materials for CO2 adsorption;
    • New materials for sensors and advanced detection.
    • Atomistic modelling of materials for energy storage;
    • Atomistic modelling of materials for biomedical applications;
    • Process modelling.

Important dates

Abstract submission: 29 September 2023
Abstract feedback: 9 October 2023
Poster submission: 16 October 2023
Conference: 9 – 10 November 2023
Full paper submission (optional): 21 November 2023 (directly to the journal of choice, to be evaluated according to the journal’s peer-review procedure)


Oral presentations
E-posters (template provided).


Abstracts will be published in the Conference Abstract Book (ISSN 2602-0416).
Full papers can be published – following a peer-review process – in:
Materials 2nd Special Issue Emerging Technologies for Material Engineering, impact factor 3.748 ;
Manufacturing Review (eISSN 2265-4224), is indexed in Scopus, Chemical Abstract, CrossRef, DOAJ.

General info

Templates are available from June 2023.
The conference is organised in hybrid format. Venue: Grand Hotel Continental, Bucharest, Romania.
Working language is English.
Participation is free of charge.
Best poster prizes will be awarded for young scientists (Young Scientists Award Competition).

Scientific Committee

PhD. Maria Luisa GRILLI, ENEA, Rome, Italy
Prof. Alain LARGETEAU, ICMCB-CNRS, Bordeaux, France
Prof. Yi QIN, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
Prof. Hanshan DONG, University of Birmingham. UK
Prof. Costas CHARITIDIS, School of Chemical Engineering, NTUA, Greece
PhD. Eng. Roxana Mioara PITICESCU,  IMNR, Pantelimon, Romania
PhD. Daniel SAFRANCHIK, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
PhD. Belma S. SOZER, Rare Earth Elements Research Institute, Turkey
Prof. Cristian PREDESCU, Politehnica University Bucharest, Romania
Prof. Anton FICAI, Politehnica University Bucharest, Romania
Prof. Gabriela ȘCHIOPU, University of Pitesti, Romania
PhD. Eng. Sorin AXINTE, Politehnica University Bucharest, Romania
PhD. Eng. Adrian Mihail MOTOC, IMNR, Pantelimon, Romania

Organising Committee

PhD. Eng. Radu Robert PITICESCU, IMNR, Pantelimon, Romania
Eng. Paul STANCIU, IMNR, Pantelimon, Romania
Eng. Mirela PETRICEANU, IMNR, Pantelimon, Romania
PhD. Mihaela-Georgia SIMA, IMNR, Pantelimon, Romania
PhD. Albert Ioan TUDOR, IMNR, Pantelimon, Romania
PhD. Cristina Florentina CIOBOTA, IMNR, Pantelimon, Romania
Eng. Ștefania CHIRIAC, IMNR, Pantelimon, Romania
PhD. Student Miruna Adriana IOȚA, IMNR, Pantelimon, Romania



EmergeMAT 6th Edition is supported by project ”Improving the performance and competencies of INCDMNR-IMNR in the field of innovation, digitalization and technology transfer (INOVADIT)”, financed by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization through Programme 1 – Development of the national research-development system, Subprogramme 1.2 – Institutional performance – Projects for financing excellence in RDI, contract no. 9PFE/2021 (
EmergeMAT 6th Edition is financed by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization through the Funding contract for scientific events and associated events 2023 no. 1M/30.06.2023


National R&D Institute for Non-ferrous and Rare Metals – IMNR
Technology Transfer Center CTT AVANMAT
Mirela PETRICEANU, E-mail:
Mihaela-Georgia SIMA, E-mail:
Albert Ioan TUDOR, E-mail:
Cristina Florentina CIOBOTA, E-mail:
Miruna IOTA,E-mail:
Phone: (+4021)3522046/ext.102; Fax: (+4021)3522049


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