MASSIVE ONLINE OPEN COURSE (MOOC) on Materials under Extreme Comditions for Key Industrial Sectors

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2nd International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Materials Engineering EmergeMAT

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           Conference and Workshop, November 14th- 16th 2018, Bucharest, Romania.

"1st International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Materials Engineering EmergeMAT" "4th International Workshop on Materials under Extreme Conditions SUPERMAT"

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2018 April 11th- 13th , ICMCB-CNRS, Bordeaux, FRANCE
Spring School XTRMAT-2018: “Materials Science under Extreme Conditions (Materials synthesis, Processing and Characterizations)”
Workshop, November 20th - 22th 2017,
Bucharest, Romania.

      The workshop aims to support young researchers in the field of advanced materials for extreme conditions, and to promote the Romanian Strategy for Smart Specialization in the field of KETs in the Bucharest-Ilfov Region Romania, in synergy with the RIS3 of Regions from Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, United Kingdom and other regions around Romania.

                  Agenda Workshop                                                More details ...

2017 May 15th- 17th , Chia Resort, Sardinia, ITALY
Workshop, February 14th 2017,
Maison MINATEC CEA Premises, 17 Avenue des Martyrs, Grenoble, France
Strategic Foresight Workshop    ( Registration Form )
Deliverable No. D 5.1, November 2016
Industrial Workshop for innovation guidelines.
Deliverable No. D 2.8, November 2016
Specialized Workshop involving experts in EU policy and international standards.
Workshop, Octomber 5th- 6th 2016, University of Burgos (Campus la Milanera)
Innovation towards Technology for Extreme Conditions Industry
Meeting, Octomber 4th 2016, University of Burgos
Minute of SUPERMAT Meeting
Octomber 2016
ICCRAM-UNIVERSITY of BURGOS (Spain) has a PostDoc vacancy related to the design, characterization, and modeling of Receivers for Advanced Concentrated Solar Power Plants. Candidates must have a PhD in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field. The working language will be English, although knowledge of the Spanish language is desirable.
    Experience and interest in the following will be positively valued:
  • Thermodynamic modeling (i.e. CalPhad method);
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (e.g. ANSYS Fluent, OpenFOAM);
  • Computational methods (e.g. Finite Element Methods, Finite Difference Methods);
  • Numerical programming skills (e.g. C/C++, Fortran, Python, Matlab);
  • Multi-scale modeling (Finite Element/Difference, meso-scale modeling, molecular dynamics);
  • Capacity to work in a team, flexibility, willing to carry out international research stays and
    research motivation and enthusiasm;
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in English;
  • Broad experience, published articles, participation in European projects.
Octomber 2016
ICCRAM-UNIVERSITY of BURGOS is looking for an experienced Senior R&D Project Manager interested in conducting catalysis of EU activities in synergy with ICCRAM, the City Council of Burgos, and the EU Center for enterprises and innovation (CEEI).
    Candidates with the following competences will be prioritized:
  • University Degrees in the branch of Science or Engineering;
  • Technical skills to manage and carry out European projects;
  • Previous experience in FP7 or H2020 EU funding programs);
  • Working capacity as a member of a team, flexibility and high motivation;
  • High level of English;
Deliverable No. D 6.3, July, 2016.
News E-Newsletter, flyers, posters and non-scientific publications concerning project events, activities and results.
Deliverable No. D 4.1, June, 2016
Procedure for trainees’ selection.
June, 2016
We are looking for outstanding and committed candidates to apply in the Doctorate Course in Engineering (Electrical and Nanobiotechnology) in Rome, this month. We are planning on filling up to 2 PhD positions with young researchers who will work in a multidisciplinary team encompassing the University of Rome "La Sapienza", ENEA, CNR, local companies and other Universities in Europe (including Univ. of Vigo and Burgos in Spain). While the topics will be fully defined at a later time, the PhD students will be working on nanobiomaterials synthesis (including reactive electrospun materials), characterization (including advanced nanomechanics, AFM), biological validation (working with cells), and more.
      The PhD program in Italy runs for 3 years and is full time. The workplace will be Rome, with substantial stays (up to 1 year) abroad.
      The appointments (associated with a full fellowship) will be made on a competitive basis and a public selection is foreseen.
      A degree in engineering is preferable but other technical degrees will be considered.
      International candidates are welcome.
      The deadline for application is end of June, any expression of interest is to be sent by 16 June to:

PhD Scientist at ENEA , SSPT-PROMAS-MATPRO, Casaccia RC
Via Anguillarese, 301 - 00123 Roma, Italia
(Office: c58 - room 120 - SP 059) (preferred)

Deliverable No. D 6.2, April 2016
Dissemination and Communication Plan.
Services offer by SUPERMAT Centre
An explanatory video regarding the
NANOFutures European Platform is available here
Deliverable No. D 6.8, February 2016
List of publications of coordinator during the 3 years preceding the start date of the project.
Post Doc Expert , February 17, 2016
ICCRAM, The International Research Center of Research in Critical Raw Materials for advanced industrial technologies within University of Burgos is looking for international candidates to work in high-level projects (EU-H2020, Industrial projects).
Kick off meeting , January 26, 2016, at IMNR, Romania
SUPERMAT partners presented their expertise in the Field of synthesis and modelling for materials under Extreme conditions.