Advanced and Nanostructured Materials Laboratory

IMNR is a leading institute in science and engineering of nonferrous materials covering the whole life cycle of nonferrous metals extraction by hydrometallurgical processes, wet chemical synthesis of nanostructured oxides and application of nanomaterials and metallic compounds in coating technologies. The new facilities of Structural Funds Research Infrastructure HighPTMET create unique opportunities to pilot both hydrothermal synthesis and electron-beam deposition processes..
Team: PhD. Radu Robert Piuticescu (project Director), PhD. Adrian Mihail Motoc ), Eng. Mihai Cristian Caradima.

Energy Technology Department

ENEA is a governmental research institution, with leading expertise in research and sustainable innovation activities for energy, climate & environment, safety & health, materials and new technologies. ENEA hosts the headquarters of the CLC Southern of the KIC EIT RawMaterials. It is endowed with modern facilities for characterization of many metallic and ceramic materials and coatings. ENEA will be in charge of using mixed REO-ZrO2 doped nanopowders for RF sputtering coating fabrication and will perform structural and mechanical characterizations of coatings with different REO concentrations and growth parameters. Dr. M.L.Grilli is recognized for her works in the field of CRMs.
Team: PhD. Maria Luisa Grilli (project responsible), PhD. Antonio Rinaldi , PhD. Daniele Valerini

ICMCB is member of the CNRS High Pressure Network in France, with a vast experience in the Crystal Growth, High Pressure synthesis, Densification under Extreme Conditions and fabrication of advanced ceramics (dense, porous and composites) by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS). ICMCB will be in charge of testing ZrO2 doped with natural occurring REO in high pressure home built belt type spark plasma sintering and commercial spark plasma tests to produce bulk dense ceramics samples and study their properties for possible applications in SOFCs. With their expertise in hydrothermal processing, ICMCB-CNRS will also contribute towards study of high pressure and high temperature kinetics on REO-ZrO2 solutions. With the SOFC platform, ICMCB-CNRS will validate the sintered ceramics in MONAMIX project for SOFC applications.
Team: PhD. Mythili PRAKASAM (project rresponsible), PhD. Alain LARGETEAU

MGM STAR CONSTRUCT is a private company, a pioneer in nano-structured thin film coatings with production scale physical and chemical deposition capability, specialized in metals/oxides vacuum deposition on different type of substrate. MGM executes coatings in vacuum by e-beam, sputtering, thermal, plasma-arc and PECVD. MGM developed Eureka and National research projects for antireflective/protective coatings, high temperature coatings and DLC. In MONAMIX project will be responsible for validation of the coating technologies starting from parameters provided for EB-PVD and RF Sputtering.
Team: Physicist Arcadie Sobetkii (project rresponsible), Physicist Valentina Capatina


Radu Robert

1956, April 11
IMNR, Romania

   Scientist in the Advanced and Nanostructured Materials Laboratory and member of the Scientific Council of IMNR. He graduated as diplomat engineer and Doctor in Materials Science and Engineering Faculty from University Politehnica Bucharest and performed more short training stages for specialisation at Politecnico di Torino-Italy in synthesis and characterisation of nanomaterials; CNRS-PROMES Font Romeu in materials for solar energy and Laser Zentrum Hannover-Germany in modelling laser sintering processes. He obtained post-doc diplomas in Management of the European Projects in 2008 and Technology Broker since 2014. Dr. Radu R.Piticescu was the founder of the CTT Avanmat and succeeded to certify it as a recognized centre from the National Innovation and Technology Transfer Network (ReNITT) and promote CTT Avanmat as National Lighthouse for NANOfutures European Technological Initiative. He is member in the Board of the Romanian Association for Materials. In the period 2007-2013 he participated as National Expert in more meetings of the FP7-NMP Programme Committee and since 2014 he was nominated National Expert for the H2020-NMPB Programme Committee. He was member in the group created by Romanian Association for Standardisation for elaboration of the standard for Innovation Management and wrote a course for training and specialisation of industrial engineers in Innovation Management. His main scientific expertise is related to synthesis of nanomaterials, thermodynamic predictions and thermal characterisation of materials. Up to now he was director and co-responsible in charge of works for 10 National Projects and more International Projects, including one NATO Science for Peace, 1 FP5, 2 FP6 and 2 FP7 projects.