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Expected impact

i. Improvement of ICME predictive power by the development of new software for selection of new materials with targeted application;

ii. Building and strengthening a common European research community by the cooperation between RTD partners (TU-Delft, IMNR and IMT) and industrial partners (Rancon SRL) in the field of HEAs;

iii. Increased competitiveness of the European industry by the development of application oriented software for the selection of new HEAs, containing less expensive materials, without critical elements and with improved recyclability;

iv. Contribution to the European Union strategic target, CO2 emission reduction, by improving the operational efficiency of aeronautical jet engines.

Economic benefits for partners

a. selection of computationally guided highly efficient materials with well-defined properties;

b. prospective collaborations of RTD partners with companies from aeronautical industry;

c. increase of Rancon’s turnover by 25% by the production of new HEAs.

Scientific benefits for partners

a. Thermodynamic data, virtual and empirical correlations composition-structure-properties,

b. characterization data for HEAs;

c. new test methods and approaches in high temperature testing;

d. new computational techniques for HEA modelling;

e. integration in a selected scientific community by dissemination of scientific results in high impact publications and participation at conferences in the related field of interest.