C O O R D I N A T O R
                                NATIONAL R&D INSTITUTE for NONFERROUS and RARE METALS

        P A R T N E R S
                                CHAMBER of COMMERCE and INDUSTRY of BUCHAREST

       CTT AVANMAT aims to implement, consolidate and develop a national pole in the field of advanced nanostructured materials (metals, ceramics, composites) with biocompatible and intelligent properties (sensors, materials with pre-determined corrosion/abrasion characteristics). The main task of the center is to give value to all research results in the field and to sustain on long run the economical – social development by reinforcing the segment of small and medium enterprises (SME's) and by establishing new innovative enterprises (SIE's), by increasing the competitiveness of R&D institutes, SME's and SIE's acting in the target field. It also follows the complete integration in the economic European circuit.

  • To realize a fast technological transfer towards SME’s, of the R&D results in the field of advanced biocompatible and intelligent materials (metallic, ceramic, composite);
  • To identify the market need technologies, services and products in the target field;
  • To assure a continuous qualified training in the target field for the specialists acting in SME's;
  • To provide a profound education in the field of advanced biocompatible and intelligent materials to students and PhD candidates
  • To offer consultancy for SME's to submit project proposals in national and international R&D competitions in the target field
  • To consolidate and to develop a specific market for the target domain;
  • To forecast the market demand for medium and long term in order to align applied R&D activities to the market trend;
  • To develop marketing activities for the target field;
  • To disseminate knowledge (scientific and technological) related to the target filed, especially for SME's;
  • To sustain SME's and other enterprises in the target field to implement European standards for the characterization of biocompatible and intelligent advanced materials (metallic, ceramic and composites);
  • To establish networks that will facilitate the contact between the R&D specialists and SME's in this field and to encourage the national and international partnerships;
  • To develop activities linked with brevets and intellectual property rights.
      In order to achieve its tasks, CTT AVANMAT is open towards any public or private initiative intended to asimilate, to promote, to develop and to transfer technologies to enterprises acting in the field of advanced materials. Send e-mail
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