November 20th - 22th, 2017, Bucharest, ROMANIA

     The “Smart Specialization and Advanced Materials for Extreme Conditions” workshop took place in Bucharest, Romania, Hotel Ibis Parliament, Eminescu Conference Room, between November 20th - 22th, 2017. The 3rd edition of the SUPERMAT workshop aimed to support young researchers in the field of advanced materials, and promote the Romanian Strategy for Smart Specialization in the field of KETs in the Bucharest-Ilfov Region Romania, in synergy with the RIS3 of Regions from Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, United Kingdom and other Romanian regions. The workshop was attended by over 80 participants, professionals in the field of advanced materials, researchers and academics, representatives of public authorities and SMEs, as well as project partners.

     The event was organized by The National R&D Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals – IMNR (Romania) in cooperation with the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation, and the SUPERMAT project partners: Italian National Agency for New Technologies Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, ENEA (Italy), University of Burgos, Excellence International Center In Critical Raw Materials for Industrial Technologies, ICCRAM (Spain), Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives, CEA LITEN (France), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), University of Strathclyde, Centre for Precision Manufacturing (UK), The Institute for Solid State Chemistry Bordeaux, ICMCB-CNRS (France).

     The 1st day of the workshop was dedicated to young researchers, that registered 20 scientific papers were for the “Scientific workshop: Young researchers in the field of advanced materials for extreme conditions” section. During the “Scientific workshop: Specific methods and equipment in the field of materials for extreme conditions” section new methods and equipment were presented, relevant for researchers the field. The st day of the workshop was attended by 63 participants, from 4 EU countries, representing 14 organizations (7 research institutes, 3 universities and 4 SMEs).

     The 2nd day of the workshop was dedicated to a “Governmental inter-regional working group meeting in the field of advanced materials for extreme conditions”, that was attended by 42 participants, from 6 EU countries, representing 18 organizations (1 public authority, 8 research institutes, 4 universities and 5 SMEs). The following topics were presented and discussed: the field of advanced materials in the participating countries, activities and main results of participating organizations, financing opportunities for research. Also, during the networking section participants discussed future projects and collaborations, aiming to establish new national and EU partnerships.

     The 3rd day of the workshop was dedicated to the SUPERMAT project partnership meeting, that was attended by 6 of the partners.