The workshop “Innovation Towards Technology for Extreme Conditions Industry” took place on 5th and 6th October 2016 at the University of Burgos (Campus la Milanera).
     It was organized by ICCRAM - Universidad de Burgos, ENEA, COST Action and SUPERMAT.
  The workshop was attended by more than 110 high level participants representing European mining, automotive and aerospace industries as well as European authorities in the topic from different EU countries as Spain, Romania, Finland, Italy and Hungary.
   Audience and invited speakers discussed the importance of the high exigency industry and the extreme conditions technology innovation as well as research, development and innovation of technology for engineering under exigent conditions, mainly in four sectors: aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and energy production.

    The objectives of the workshop were mainly the following:
  • To integrate European regions with a high potential of industrialization and innovation, at time that consider the high exigency industry as key target within their RIS3, in a transregional EU strategy;
  • Create a European large scale alliance of mirroring regions & a specialized network of knowledge to boost innovation towards strategic sectors (automotive, aerospace, and energy production), that are considered the core of the EU industrial engine;
  • Identify the current needs, possible solutions and common plans to overcome technological and socio-economical barriers to foster the high exigency industry & discuss varying views on standardization and how standards are applied in the high exigence industry;
  • Integrate the Circular Economy policy at the regional level, in the “extreme conditions” industry, paying attention to concepts like sustainability, resource efficiency, and the dependence of critical raw materials, the "smart industrial city", and catalysis of the entrepreneurship;
  • Create a dedicated platform targeting a transregional catalysis of innovation, entrepreneurship, commerce and business opportunities for the industrial sector “working under extreme conditions”.
     These objectives have been successfully covered not only by the different sessions and specialized sessions that have taken place in the workshop but also for the discussions that the audience has had about the themes treated there.