Action 1.1.4. Attracting high-level personnel from abroad in order to enhance
the RD capacity;

Beneficiary: National Research and Development Institute for
Nonferrous and Rare Metals - I M N R;
Proiect: ID P_37_776; Code MySMIS: 104730; Contract: 93 / 09.09.2016
Starting date: 09.09.2016;
Implementation duration: 36 months;
Total value: 4,614,591.25 lei, of which: eligible cost: 4,,343,890.25 lei
and INCDMNR-IMNR contribution: 270,701 lei

    The ENERHIGH Project aims to create under the leadership of a recognized foreign specialist from Spain a core of scientific and technologic competence in the field of Materials for Energy to significantly enhance the knowledge transfer capacities of Romanian institute, NATIONAL RESEARH & DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE FOR NON-FERROUS AND RARE METALS - IMNR, toward academic media and companies from the machinery and equipment for energy co-generation and storage.

    Specific Objectives:
  • The implementation of a research programme enabling to develop innovative and easily scaled-up methods for micro-encapsulation of Phase Change Materials (PCM) with melting temperature 300 – 500ºC for thermal energy storage;
  • Develop a cycle of seminars and workshops for internal (INCDMNR level) and external (companies, local authorities and NGOs) training of young researchers and industrial specialists in the new encapsulation methods and their performances;
  • To disseminate the project results to relevant stakeholders, in order to uptake these results after the project duration.
  • To develop an economic and easy scalable encapsulation technology using cost effective materials and processes. The innovative materials will be tested and monitored from the chemical, mechanical and physical point of view at laboratory scale and a pilot scale process will be proposed;
  • Increasing storage capacity with > 10% for a lifetime of 15-20 years due to encapsulation protection, due to enhanced microparticles stability and increased thermal cycles stability;
  • Operation temperature range for thermal energy storage: 300-500°C;
  • Reduction of the storage tank material degradation due to corrosion with 20% due to controlling interface processes by encapsulation;
  • To demonstrate the encapsulated PCM properties and propose measures for the implementation in the market of microencapsulated thermal energy storage materials, as a key element for optimum effectiveness in the CSP and co-generation equipment;
  • 1 European Patent, minimum 3 ISI papers, participation to 2 International Conferences and 1 National Conference in the proposal field.

Dr. Maria Dolores.
       Romero Sanchez


   Dr. Maria Dolores Romero Sanchez is a graduate of the University of Alicante, Spain, Faculty of Chemistry and PhD in chemistry from the University of Alicante in the field of inorganic chemistry since 2002. Dr. Maria Dolores Romero Sanchez has lectured and supervised the activities of students in chemistry lab in 2002-2005 at the University of Alicante, Faculty of Chemistry and Dept. of Inorganic Chemistry.
    In the period 2006 - 2015 she worked as a researcher in the Dept. of Advanced Materials in the Technological Institute of Construction in Valencia, Spain. She has a rich managerial experience in research projects, participating in several European projects as a project manager.
   Currently, she is working in INESCOP, Institute of Innovation and Technology in Alicante, Spain, in the Dept. of Microincapsulation and Smart Materials.
   Dr. Maria Dolores Romero Sanchez has conducted training courses and exchange of experience in several countries in the field of micro-encapsulation with poly-meric material with applications in energy efficiency and study in thermal properties of materials. She published in this field more than 33 scientific papers. She is author / co-author of seven patents. She presented over 46 scientific communications at international conferences and over 18 communications at National conferences. Authorized expert in auditing and certification systems for energy efficient buildings according 002-91 CE issued by the European Institute of Business Studies Belgium, 2011) and has a master's degree in environmental quality management EFEM. Institute of Business Studies, January 2015.