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National Research & Development Institute for Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals - I M N R


         Scanning electron microscope SEM Quanta 250, with high resolution, fully digitized, produced by FEI Company, incorporated with Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer, produced by EDAX, consisting of ELEMENT Silicon Drift Detector Fixed, Element EDS Analysis Software Suite. The Quanta 250 system, purchased in 2017, is designed to study conductive, non-conductive and/or hydrated samples in their natural state, without additional preparation (metallization).

         Optical microscope with polarized light, reflected and transmitted - Axio Imager A1m, produced by Carl Zeiss Microimaging Gmbh, purchased in 2007, equipped with a digital camera for image acquisition and AxioVision Release 4.8.1 dedicated software for image processing.

         MHT-10 Microhardness Tester, produced by Anton Paar, with Vickers indenter, purchased in 2007.

    Sample preparation equipment for microscopic study:

         - MECATOME T255/300 cutting machine, produced by Presi, purchased in 2007;

         - Cast N’Vac Castable Vacuum System, produced by Buehler, purchased in 2007, for powders and delicate samples;

         - SimpliMet 1000 Automatic Mounting Press, produced by Buehler, purchased in 2007;

         - Vector Beta Grinder – Polisher Machine, produced by Buehler, purchased in 2007.