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National Research & Development Institute for Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals - I M N R


           Installations and Equipments


    TORR Int. Inc., SUA, inox, 5 e-guns with 300 cm3 capacity each with 5 separate high voltage power supplies with 10KW each (10 KV, 1000 MA) switch mode DC high voltage power supplies; separate X-Y sweep controllers; deposition thickness control with a quartz crystal microbalance; maximum deposition surface: 350x350 mm2 or 350 mm in diameter. The installation allows deposition on rotating 3D plates or rods with a length of max. 350 mm; simultaneous or multilayer deposition of thin films; heating substrates during deposition; (W, Ni, Co, Cr, Al, Y), dielectric materials (Al2O3, SiO2, ZrO2, etc.) and compounds.



    TORR THE5-750W, Torr Int. Inc., SUA, inox, 5 resistive evaporation systems of max. 100 A, deposition thickness control with a quartz crystal microbalance, rotation of parts during deposition up to 20 rpm, deposition on several small pieces or a single piece of 100 mm diameter, deposition of thin films of up to 5 elements (Al, Ni, Cr, Ag, Au), metal-organic, alloys and compounds.



    AMAR EQUIPMENTS PVT Ltd. India, inox, volume 20L, temperature max. 250°C, pressure max. 30 atm, continuous and discontinuous operation, continuous feed and evacuation of gases under pressure (oxygen, air, nitrogen), continuous feed and evacuation of suspensions (liquid-solid) under pressure, sampling during operation, SCADA 3.0 software for parameter control.



    BERGHOF, Germany, inox, volume 5.5L, temperature max. 300°C, pressure max. 150 atm, Controller PID, computer registration of parameters, sampling during operation, controlled cooling.



    HP Systems, France, inox, volume 1L, temperature max. 180°C, pressure max. 4250 atm, Controller PID, compressor FIAC AB100/350MC with two pistons and pressure of max. 10 atm. The pressure is obtained in a hydraulic water system with a high-pressure pump (RESATO P200-625-1 Italy), pneumatically operated.



    LabPLANT, UK, borosilicate glass, suspension flow rate 4-32 ml / min, air temperature 40-250°C, air flow 5-30 m3/h, air pressure 1-3.5 atm, touch screen controller, 0.5-2.0 mm nozzle, option to change the length of the drying path, filtering system for particles below 10 μm.



    Agilent 725 Agilent Technology SUA, can perform a high number of analyses on a wide range of samples including metals, ceramics, plastic, glass, geological and environmental samples. The spectrometer is compact, fully computer controlled; the CCD type detector, with unique I-MAP image scanning technology, provides full coverage of the spectral range at 167-785 nm for the analysis of more than 70 chemical elements; LSX-266 Laser Ablation System for solid-state sampling with laser beam size ≥10 μm; energy per pulse >9 mJ laser energy, repeatability rate 1-20 Hz; SPS3 automatic sampling device with automatic dilution; generator of hydrides for determination of Hg, As, Se, Sb, Te, Bi and Sn levels at ng level.