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National Research & Development Institute for Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals - I M N R


      Services and Consultancy

       Technological consulting regarding the elaboration of special by melting in electric and induction furnaces, in vacuum or controlled atmosphere (obtaining multi-component high-entropy alloys -HEAs, AB2-23,5Ti11,2Zr38,3Cr27Mn and AB5-64,1Ni33,3Mn2,6Al type hydrogen storage alloys, ecological soldering and brazing alloys based on Ag, Cu, Sn, with no contents of Cd, Pb or other toxic metals, copper and copper alloys, various types of steel, including stainless steels). Advantages: very good physical-mechanical and technological characteristics (HEAs, soldering, brazing, joining), good hydrogen storage capacities, high efficiency and stability in absorption/desorption cycles, low temperature and pressure hydrogen absorption, wide range of applications in various industrial domains (electric and electronic equipments, food industry equipment, mechanical engineering etc.). Obtaining micro and nanostructured alloys by rapid solidification (melt-spinning). Thermodynamic and kinetic assessment of alloy systems and synthesis processes. Design of laboratory experimental installations.
       Technological consulting regarding metal matrix composite materials synthesis- in-situ elaboration of metal matrix composites reinforced with ceramic particles through novel and efficient methods.
       Technological consulting regarding the obtaining of thin films based on metallic alloys. Advantages: films with low thickness and enhanced physical-chemical and structural properties are obtained; economical and eco-friendly processes, with reduced energy consumption and inexpensive raw materials (salts, oxides); regular experimental conditions, low temperature processes, common equipments. Thin films for various applications (corrosion and tribological protective coatings, solar energy harvesting) by electrochemical deposition from aqueous solutions. Optimization of electrochemical processes. Development of laboratory and pilot level electrochemical deposition installations.
     Technological consulting for technologies of obtaining reactive metals and alloys, by molten salts electrolysis (technologies for obtaining Li and Li-Na, Al-Li, Pb-Ca alloys by electrochemical co deposition in chlorinated and oxifluorochlorinated media; technologies for obtaining lanthanides (Ce, Nd, Pr, Sm) and Al-RE alloys, mischmetall, Mg-Nd, Nd-Fe-B, by electrolysis in oxifluorurated media, technologies for obtaining rare metals, titanium, zirconium, refractory metal alloys, by unconventional electrochemical techniques - ionization-electrochemical reduction in chlorine media). Advantages: continuous process, high energy and current efficiency (over 90%), use of inexpensive and common raw materials, high purity obtained products (min.99%), alloy obtaining in a single technological step, eco-friendly technological processes.
     Technological consulting for technologies of recycling of nonferrous metals. Development of innovative and ecological technologies for the processing of various types of wastes and the recycling of nonferrous and precious metals by hydrometallurgical, pyrometallurgical and electrochemical methods.