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National Research & Development Institute for Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals - I M N R

Metal Resource Valorisation Technologies

     The specific strategic objective of the METAL RESOURCE VALORISATION TECHNOLOGIES Laboratory îs the implementation of new concepts and new technologies for sustainable processes in the non-ferrous metals industry and environmental protection and best practices in the non-ferrous metals industry).
     Scientific objectives involve focusing on the following main types of activities:
  • Research in order to develop new and innovative technologies and solutions for the sustainable growth of resources and the replacement of critical materials and metals;
  • Research to identify innovative technologies for the recycling and reuse of raw materials based on non-ferrous metals that are key to smart growth and sustainable non-ferrous metals industry. Multidisciplinary approaches involving scientific, technological and economic aspects are envisaged ;
  • Research to develop new technologies and materials for wastewater purification to improve metal recovery and reduce hazardous emissions;
  • Research to develop innovative solutions for prevention and minimization of wastes from non-ferrous metals industry and rehabilitation of polluted areas through metallurgical activities.