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National Research & Development Institute for Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals - I M N R


      Servicies & Consultancy

  • Use of the best technologies for the exploitation and processing of raw materials (envisaged in the european document „Best Available Technologies - BAT”), such as the following will be assured: metals recovery from raw materials at yields greater than 95 %; promoting the vertical development strategy of the same company: mining – metallurgy – recycling – goods in order to make possible an easy implementation of environment, material and risk management etc.
  • Application of the newest techniques and technologies of reuse / recycling / recirculation of the metals and materials from wastes, according to “bat” for nonferrous metallurgy .
  • Development of a new vision of the by-products (slag, gypsum, accompanying microelements) and residual energy, respectively: promoting efficient processes of stabilization of dangerous substances in (depositing) materials that are to be deposited; management for microelements (with high economic value) existing in wastes: In, Ge, V, Ga, Sn, etc.; more advances recovery of the process heat; slag classifying as non-dangerous wastes.
  • Use of simple and efficient procedures for waste processing and characterization: control of waste generation; adaption of available processes for a wide variety of wastes; mechanical, automated or chemical dismantling; New equipments for melting and recovery; new intensive hydro-electrical processes; on-line analysis (XRF).
  • Application of the newest identification techniques of waste waters: new equipments, software, characterization and analysis techniques of the waste waters; creating of a map of water pollution on the entire territory; application of new techniques for water purification, oxidation with ultraviolet rays, electro-plasma, electro-flotation, electro-coagulation; determining the effect of impure water with metallic ions on the health of people and the social effects caused by the lack of pure water sources