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National Research & Development Institute for Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals - I M N R


           SOLUBILIZING INSTALLATION Extraction and separation of nonferrous and rare metals from primary and secondary resources by hydrometallurgical processes at laboratory scale.

           HIGH-PERFORMANCE OPTOELECTRONIC SPECTROMETER FOR FAST METAL ANALYSIS The spectrometer BELEC VARIO LAB is one of the most advanced precise and flexible analysis system, used for the spectrometric determination of the chemical composition of metals. The analysis of small pieces with different forms, e.g. wires larger than 0.5 mm, metal splinters, screws, washers or even small balls, is possible without special preparations.

           U-WAVE-1000 MICROWAVE-ULTRAVIOLET-ULTRASONIC SYNYHESIS 3 IN 1 EXTRACTION REACTOR The microwave reactor, ultraviolet and ultrasonic synthesis / extraction is a multifunctional chemical reactor that can combine random overlap and adjust the microwave energy, ultraviolet light and ultrasound waves. Applications: synthesis of new nanomaterials, synthesis of organic substances, chemical and energy resources, extraction of natural products, industry biopharmaceuticals and medicine, leaching residues and pesticide POPs, wastewater treatment.

           DENTAR OVEN VULCAN type 3-350 Heat treatment furnace. It is for the heat treatments applied to amorphous-crystalline phase transformations of thin layers. The oven is programmable with 9 programs each with 6 segments and a program with unique preset temperature, with daily schedule activation and chart program.

           SEMI-PILOT PLANT FOR LIQUID-LIQUID EXTRACTION Extraction and separation of nonferrous and rare metals from solution by liquid-liquid extraction.

           OXFORD X-MET 3000TX Portable instrument, field and laboratory identification and quick measurement, non-destructive XRF instrument using a different species of metals present in the soil.

           TESTO 350XL - GAS MONITORING Testo 350XL is a portable measurement system, designed for a wide range of applications. It can be used to adjust any type of burner, measuring gas concentrations over a long period of time, check the atmosphere in focus regardless of the type of combustion process, maintenance of stationary engines from stations cogeneration checking the pressure and speed of flue gas piping evacuation. The analyzer consists of analysis unit, control unit and gas sampling probe. Examples of application: measurement of NOx (NO and NO2) in thermal power plants, SO2 emission measurements in the clean air of the coal furnaces, measurement of the NOx gas in the blast furnace fused with a high level of NO2, monitoring the level of SO2 during the manufacturing process in ceramics, and glassware monitoring the effectiveness of DeNOx systems .

           D.I.P. SYSTEME - INTENSIVE OXIDATION-REDUCTION IN AQUEOUS MEDIUMS Applications: waste water treatment plants and industrial waste, including mine water, complex installations for producing fine-grained materials including nanomaterials, flotation equipment for non-ferrous metal ore, antimicrobial treatment plant and water oxygenation.

           VOLTALAB PST 006, 230 VIFV - ELECTROCHEMICAL DEPOSITION Potentiostatic electrochemical deposition comprising PST006 with VoltaMaster 4 program for thin film deposition. Electrochemical deposition without analytical or impedance techniques.

           LEACHING PILOT PLANT SCALE, EVAPORATION AND CRYSTALLIZATION UNDER VACUUM Extraction and separation of nonferrous and rare metals from primary and secondary resources by hydrometallurgical processes.

           LABORATORY MICROWAVE PROCESSING REACTOR This microwave is designed to heat and dry materials.

           ANODIYING CELL Designed for electrochemical processes of electrolysis or controlled anodic oxidation (obtaining nanotubulare layers of TiO2).

           HYDROMETALURGICAL TREATMENT UNIT Hydrometallurgical treatment for primary and secondary non-ferrous and rare mineral resources (leaching pilot scale).