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National Research & Development Institute for Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals - I M N R


             Installations and equipments


                Computerized hydrothermal electrochemical system for the production of nanocrystalline powders and nanostructured thin films, composed of:

    • Autoclave CORTEST: 2.2L stainless steel/teflon autoclave , PID programmer, max. temperature 304°C, max. pressure 250 atm., possibility to work under inert gas atmosphere, electrodes system (working electrode, counter-electrode and reference electrode) connected at potentiostat/galvanostat Radiometer PGZ100.

    • Autoclave SAM: 1L (1 piece) and 2L (2 pieces) stainless steel/teflon autoclave, PID programmer, max temperature 300°C, max. pressure 250 atm., possibility to work under inert gas atmosphere;

    • Potentiostat / Galvanostat Radiometer PGZ100 / Voltalab 10 and Booster Radiometer


             Continuous micropilot instalation for synthesis by unconventional hydrolytic procedures and colloidal sol-gel, consists of a 50 l glass cascade reactor complex, Bibi Stirling D4000 distiller, Direct Q3 UV Ultra Pure Water System, pH Meter / Computerized Conductivity Meter Jenway 4330, high-capacity electronic agitators, filtration systems, vacuum pumps.


             Thermal processing and treatment equipment::

    • KW-4A laboratory spin coating apparatus;

    • printer 3D Bioscaffolder, SYSENG;

    • oven with digital programmer, CARBOLITE, 1700°C;

    • laboratory oven, MHI, 1760°C, controlled atmosphere;

    • Memmert TWW-UFE 400 programmable oven;

    • granulator powders;

    • homogenizer powders;

    • ball mills.


             Specific characterization equipment::

    •  Differential scanning calorimeter Neztsch DSC F3 Maia;

    • UV-VIS PG Instruments T90 + spectrometer

    • FT-IR spectrometer, ABB MB 3000

    • Zetaseizer ZS90 laser and zetapotential granulometer;

    • equipment for contact angle determination Drop Shape Analyzer DSA100, KRÜSS

    • scratch tester with AFM mode, NANOVEA

    • SV-10 viscometer


           Induction melting furnace: melting and casting in vacuum/controlled atmosphere, Linn High Therm GmbH, molds in a controlled atmosphere.


           Electrolysis facility in aqueous solutions: potentiostat / galvanostat with digital control; electrolysis cells set: different capacities (1-10 A) endowed with heating and shaking capacity; Glove Box Brown MB-20G enclosure with controlled atmosphere (argon or nitrogen); thermostatic heater, maximum temperature 300 ° C; magnetic stirrer with heating, peristaltic pump, analytical balance.


           Electrolysis facility in molten salts: DC-rectifier type R-CCT R / m, max. 12V / 600A; Tacussel PRT 10-20X potentiostat type, max. ± 20V / ± 10A; molten salts electrolysis cells: 0.3-30dmc, max. 1200 ° C; KS 3000 digital measurement and recording interface; drying installation - purification of inert gases (argon, nitrogen); Anode gas detection and analysis apparatus (CO, CO2).


           High temperature metallurgical facility: CTF 12/100/90 vertical electric furnace, with digital programming; airtight enclosure for melt treatment with controlled atmosphere; temperature measuring apparatus (portable optical pyrometer); hydraulic press 6tf, mold press for metal powders 20x30mm.


           Ultrafast melt-spinning solidification equipment consisting of: frequency generator, inductor, melting crucibles, cooling disk (copper), laser tachometer.