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National Research & Development Institute for Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals - I M N R

Managing Committee

Phd. Roxana Mioara PITICESCU General Director of INCDMNR
Phd. Adriasn Mihail MOTOC Scientific Director of INCDMNR
Ec. Marius ȘCRAB Economic Director of INCDMNR
Eng. Cristian BOGDANESCU Head of Nanostructured Materials Laboratory
Phd. Liliana Săndica GHERGHE Head of Eco-tehnologies and Environment Protection Laboratory
Phd. Vasile SOARE Head of New Materials and Technologies Laboratory
Phd. Florin STOICIU Head of Microscopic Characterization Laboratory
Eng. Lenuța ENACHE Head of Chemical and Physical Analysis Laboratory
Phd. Mircea CORBAN Head of Centre HighPTMet
Eng. Năstase-Dan CIOBOTA Head of Centre CTT AVANMAT
Eng. Adrian CARAGEA Head of Technological Testing Collective