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National Research & Development Institute for Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals - I M N R

Brief History

         On 1st of July 1966, research and designing staffs from ICECHIM, ICEM and IPROCHIM merged in a single institute, the Institute of Non-ferrous and Rare Metals - IMNR. Structured on three directions, research, designing, micro-production, the activity of the institute was focused on the promotion in industry of hundreds of technologies, feasibility studies, complex projects. Over 220 new alloys (powders, bands, wires, etc.) were made within IMNR for the economic agents from our country and for export as well.
       The year 1990 marked the beginning of a fundamental restructuring process of the institute organizational structure and of its personnel structure. If at the end of 1989 there were 1600 people working in the institute, today there are less than 100 employees. Many opportunities disappeared (the ones related to the connections with the state plants) and new ones appeared – fewer, more difficult to approach
        In 2004, IMNR became a national institute with a new organizational structure consisting of four big laboratories:
                             ·  Ecotechnologies and environment protection ;
                             ·  Advanced materials and technologies;
                             ·  Nanostructured materials;
                             ·  Physical-chemical and structural analyses.
          The Centre for Technology Transfer in Advanced Materials was created in the frame of IMNR.
          Highly experienced staff continues the new materials micro-production.
         During the past 10 years, a lot of projects were performed by the researchers of the institute. The professionalism of the IMNR specialists was also proved by submitting numerous international project proposals among which more than 20 being successful and financed by NATO, the European Commission, Switzerland, Japan, France etc. INCDMNR – IMNR participates in the activity of numerous networks, technological platforms and national and international consortia. INCDMNR – IMNR is an active member of numerous professional associations. Dozens of technologies were completed and subsequently transferred to industry. Hundreds of scientific papers (articles, communications at congresses and symposia) highlighted the value of the IMNR specialists’ results.
        INCDMNR - IMNR is currently considered a strategic institute for the National Economy and it participates directly in the process of defining and implementing the National Strategy of Sustainable Development for the branch of Non-ferrous Metallurgy. INCDMNR – IMNR is currently a well-known institute in Europe that represents a guarantee for its future development.