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Junior EUROMAT 2012     23-27 iulie, Lausanne, ELVETIA ...  detalii

Ghid de buna practica privind reducerea emisiilor gazelor cu efect de sera in metalurgia neferoasa...  detalii

Conferinte internationale 2010 ...   detalii

Al 4 lea Workshop „NANOMATERIALE FUNCTIONALE”       01-02 iulie 2009, Bucuresti, ROMANIA
         FUN NANOS 4th Edition (PDF)
         FUN NANOS 4th Edition - 1st anouncement (WORD)          

       29 - 30 mai 2008, Camera de Comert si Industrie a Municipiului Bucuresti ... detalii

Lista manifestarilor stiintifice 2008 (materiale nanostructurate avansate si biomateriale)

Textilat Sterile biomaterials    detalii

Crystal Growth Stability of Ag nanoparticles dispersed in amphiphilic organic matrix    detalii

Current Problems in Dermatology Coated textiles in the treatment of atopic dermatitis    detalii

« The Services Directives » : the Graz compromise     detalii
Marie-Dominique GARABIOL-FURET Doctor in Public Law

A opta Conferinta Nationala a Cercetarii Stiintifice din Invatamantul Superior – CNCSIS 8     detalii
Universitatea "Al. I. Cuza", Iaşi, 11-13 mai 2006

NSTI Announces Nanotech Ventures Presenters and Programs for 2006 Event    detalii

Nano World News March 2006    detalii

Europe and Poverty: what is the real situation?    detalii
Sarah Bouquerel, Pierre-Alain de Malleray

Combat against organised crime     detalii
Xavier Raufer – Director of studies at the Department of Research into Contemporary Criminal Threats, Paris II

Euro Nanotech News 21.02.2006    detalii

Immigration: a flexible framework for plural Europe     detalii
Patrick Weil – Research Director at the CNRS

The Balkans after Milosevic     detalii
Jacques Rupnik – Executive director for the International Commission on the Balkans

Euro Nanotech News 10.02.2006    detalii

A Growth Strategy for the European Union in the 21st Century     detalii
Jean-Paul Betbèze – Professor of Economy, Paris II

What prospects are there for the European Criminal Record?     detalii
Hélène Leniston – graduate of the University of Paris II

Euro Nanotech News 06.02.2006     detalii

Euro Nanotech News 03.01.2006     detalii

        Stimate doamne / Stimati domni
        Lansam 0 noua serie Newsletter dedicat materialelor avansate. Scopul acestei noi serii este de a promova informatiile tehnice, tehnologice, de ultima ora, din acest domeniu, precum si de a oferi date privind posibilitătile de finantare a cercetarilor din acest domeniu si domenii conexe

    CTT AVANMAT Newsletter 9
Direct imaging of biomaterials. The origin of bone fractures. New factor that could limit battery life - The UnXpected Factor. Plant extract for Litium-ion batteries. Photonic topological insulators taken to the next level. ... detalii

    CTT AVANMAT Newsletter 8
Photonic gels are colorful sensors- Thin-film polymer metamaterial show potential. Frontiers in Polymer Science - 24 October 2012. Materials Today Virtual Conference: Nanotechnology, June 2013. EWMOVPE 2013. ... detalii

    CTT AVANMAT Newsletter 7
Study question claims on nanopore technology. Salt power- Watt's next in rechargeable batteries?3D metallic structures at the nanoscale. Preventing cracking in nanoparticle films-Novel method for a nanoscale dilemma. ... detalii

    CTT AVANMAT Newsletter 6
Materials science on the move. Making the diamond age a reality. Nano-coating protects biofunctional materials - A nano-coating formulation capable of maintaining the functionality of proteins on biological-device combination products. ... detalii

    CTT AVANMAT Newsletter 5
New fluorescent probes could be used for diagnosis of neurologyical disease. New nanoparticles shrink tumors-Protein targeting. Nano-structures to realise hydrogen's energy potentialUnique "core-shell" nanomaterials. ... detalii

    CTT AVANMAT Newsletter 4
Vascular networks made from sugar-3D printed living materials. Individual cell treatment - Miniature machines a step closer. First SOFC capable of battery-like storage - New fuel cell keeps going after the hydrogen runs out. ... detalii

    CTT AVANMAT Newsletter 3
Biomaterials: nanoparticles improve blood cancer treatment, using nanopores to detect DNA damage. Utilizing phase-change for memory - Low energy data encoding. Underwater solar power. ... detalii

    CTT AVANMAT Newsletter 2
Biomaterials. Semiconductors vs bacteria & viruses. ... detalii

    CTT AVANMAT Newsletter 1
Advances graphene-based electronics. New magnetic testing technique: What's your adhesion strength? New gene-editing tool: Rapid method could revolutionize genetic research. NANOfutures events in 2012 ... detalii

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